One-Off Sumbitch Sweatshirt (Medium)


Sumbitch, this definitely ain't this sweatshirt's first rodeo. But sumbitch, it looks cool. Sumbitch, the logo's upside down and on the outside. Sumbitch, that's messed up. Some sumbitch is going to love that. No other sweatshirt in the entire world like it. It sure as hell ain't off the rack. You'll be the only sumbitch wearing it. 

Our Sumbitch design is printed on a garment dyed fleece crewneck sweatshirt in grey that has been distressed by hand by beating it and grinding it with stones and sandpaper and leaving it outside to bake in the Texas sun.

Men's / unisex Medium.

Final Sale: All one-offs are final sale and cannot be returned.

Discounts Do Not Apply: Discounts do not apply to one-off products.